Why SEO is Important


First of all, we must know what is exactly SEO is? Seo means to design the web content in a fashion that maximizes its visibility in popular search engines results such as GOOGLE, BING, YAHOO etc. Potential users are using these top search engines for the services, they need.

Take a long breath and think about, why SEO is so Important now? How many times have you used a search engine like GOOGLE, BING, YAHOO to find something online? How did these search engines know which result show first? How do you get your site listed in top results?

The answer to all of these questions is SEO. SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Overall, SEO is the practice of getting your website’s pages listed and ranked highly in search engine results.

If you have an online store powered by Shopify, WordPress, Blogger or by some others platform, it means you have something to sell. To sell your products, you need more and more people to visit your site. Herein lies one of the major problems of online store owners around the world, “How can I increase traffic to my store? and improve my site’s visibility on the top results?”

Often people use search engines to find goods online. If someone searches on Google for a product that you are selling, it would be optimal for your store to be listed in the results that are returned. If a link to your store is not returned in the results, the user will not be able to easily discover your site. Moreover, even if your store was found in the search results, users typically only click the top few links in the results page.

Moreover, SEO can help you to get a most trustworthy name in the digital industry and establish your name most renowned by making your online presence stand out through your site.

Additionally, by properly managing SEO strategy and constantly working towards maintaining your rankings, one can more likely to beat the competition in online searches.

It is not that easy making the top of the search engine results in a single day. It is a slow progression to gain until you make the first page of Google.

For example, If you met a person who is out of shape but expected to become a smart-looking after one day in the gym, it would be obvious that the person is in delusion. We all know that getting in shape is a long process and is difficult. 

You must think of SEO in the same way. Implementing SEO changes and fix existing SEO issues is time-consuming, and the effects are not visible immediately, however, the results are worth it. Overall, Search engines love those websites that are updated frequently. This shows to the engines that these sites are fresh and relevant, rather than outdated. Search engines do not want to list irrelevant and outdated web pages for their users and always ensure that the new content which is posted is useful as possible

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