A practical guide to killer marketing content


The huge progress in the internet users has shed a light on the nature of marketing today. Since these days both users and business owners are migrating online. It is mandatory for the entrepreneurs to understand the importance of digital marketing. Because it is easy to tell a “Potentially successful” marketing plan. So, if the business owners are thinking to take the next step to go digital, or they are already running it, they need to create a framework that a killer marketing strategy would follow. It will help to enhance the visibility of their brand and a higher potential for their entire business. Hence, we bring some handy strategies that help to bring the business to the next level.

Focus on the market

Focusing on the market is really matters today. But this is the bitter truth that you can’t please everyone. By doing so, may put pressure on you and this would cause the biggest loss in business. Let’s take the example of a fashion brand. Fashion brand market’s target can be anyone. But it has to be narrowed. Options should be easily accessible for the customer.

Everything else in the plan should be according to the target audience. Another factor that needs to be taken into consideration is your target audience’s likes and dislikes and purchasing power. The formula lies in choosing, dividing and then conquering.

Focus on the product

This goes concurrently with the market focus, but it requires its own heading. For example, if you are targeting working women, what you can offer her? You can simply offer her quality, formal and semi-formal dresses. Also, explain what she can add additional to it by explaining “how they work”. For example, you can offer shoes, with the help of that she can gain height etc. such a product will further narrow down your target audience o shorter women, allow you to market in a more efficient way.

Have measurable specifics

It is necessary that everything should be quantifiable and ideally in numbers that you are posted on your websites, including all major and minor content with proper sequence and dates. it is true that a good market plan is driven by strategy. But the details and tactics will give it the push it needs. For example, any brand cannot have goals like “make the client happy” or “quality things you have”. Yes, the business runner needs to produce high-quality products and make happy clients. But such plans are not quantifiable. Hence, should not be a part of this plan.

Once a person starts a business it is mandatory he should have long-term and short-term plans. Moreover, both need to be interconnected. That means your short-term goals help to attain long-term goals. However, your goals must be attainable.

Revisions and reviews

A marketing plan is amazingly a planning process rather than the only plan. We are living in a dynamic environment and cannot afford to have static marketing plans. It is required to review and revised the plans as necessary on regular basis. Because a good marketing plan will do everything from setting goals to tracking performance and measuring it in quantifiable units.

The whole marketing team should sit together to see the work of their plan and if the plan needs changes. For example, if you have a plan for five years. It doesn’t mean you are sitting at the end of the five years period. You have to keep on updating the plan. Either it is working as you planned or not. For example, the product you are selling, its price may vary within a few months due to huge demand or changes in the price of raw material. This will definitely require your marketing plan to change as well since your goals will need to be revised.

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