Is Important to Back-Up Your Website Site


Who oversaw backing up our site?

This is a question that comes up all too often in our line of work. And when no one has the answer- we all get a bit frightened. Having your site continuously backed-up is the most secure way to safeguard your information against hackers and awfully bad website crashes. It can happen to anyone, and the fact is, it happens to many. So, whether you have an internal IT team, a trustworthy hosting company, or a digital marketing agency handling your website- backups need to be part of the plan.

Imagine if, within minutes, your entire site disappeared into thin air, and was instantly replaced with rows of foreign text and eerie buttons to click. Years of work and data, time, and money are erased within a matter of seconds. All of this happened because your website was not secure and because you had no service making sure it was backed up every day.

While this all might seem a bit abstract, it is a very real, concrete problem- one that most businesses will face during their online existence if they are not careful.

Understanding the Problem

If your business is like most, most of your online marketing and your virtual shop is run through your website. All these smaller (but crucial) facets of your business are connected to your mainframe, so to speak. So, if your site goes down and gets hacked, or crashes unexpectedly, everything is gone in one fell swoop. Not just your online shop, but also your customer portal and database, written text, imagery, and of course, the most expensive loss, the cost of rebuilding a site from scratch.

So, what causes this problem?

Many things can allow hackers to take over your site, but the most common issue we see is through faulty plug-ins. WordPress, while widely used, is the most susceptible to hacks because of its ability to insert plug-ins.

Plug-ins serve many purposes, from sliders to graphics, videos, and more. But if these plug-ins are not updated, and if they were downloaded from the web for free, sometimes they can contain viruses that, when plugged into your HTML, can hack into your site. If they break and are not secure, then outside hackers have an open door to access the plug-in and get into your site.

Who’s Responsible?

Hosting companies should have backups of each site they host, however, most hosting sites (Like Shopify and Wix) have changed their policies because they are trying to save money on data storage. Today, a lot of hosting companies only include backups if you pay for that service

All articles and SEO work are gone if it was not stored somewhere else. This can affect your ranking greatly.

If Your Site Gets Hacked

You not only have to restore your entire site, but you also must resubmit it to google to clear out the bad files and make sure it is secure for people to visit.

Therefore, you must work with a well-versed web designer who knows how to avoid these instances. A great digital media marketing agency can ensure that your site will stay updated, secure, and hack-free by backing up all your information continuously.

By enlisting the help of a full-service digital media marketing agency like Microforce Complete Solution, you will level up your company and enter the digital arena stronger than ever before. Enjoy the invaluable work of one of the best SEO agencies in Bacchus Marsh, and sign your company up for success with a leading marketing agency. Check us out online and schedule your free consultation! Start your digital media marketing game plan today and never worry about your site being hacked again!

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