Keeping Up with The Times


As a top digital media marketing company in Melbourne, one of the essential things we centre our work around is ensuring relevance in our clientele’ marketing campaigns. Being the content curators and the marketing creationists, it is continuously up to us to understand what is happening globally and derive content out of the current times. Relevancy is something that often goes vastly undervalued and overlooked in Digital Marketing. People do not always meet the modern time demands or incorporate the current cultural zeitgeist into their marketing campaigns. Disregarding relevancy can have an adverse effect on a brand’s identity and reputation among its audience bases. Our job is to change that. So, how do we do it? What do we consider when creating a client’s marketing? Because there are so many factors we consider, we have made a whole list of the top influences we believe while resetting a client’s online digital marketing.

Relative Industry

The most crucial part of any marketing campaign is, by far, recognising what industry you are tapping into. We begin tackling this by looking into what others in our client’s industry are currently doing, and most importantly, we look at whether the primary demographic is. Demographics can vary greatly depending on not only the industry but also the brand’s identity itself. Take women’s clothing, for example, while some brands are intended for a younger generation. Others in the same industry cater to an older demographic, a different class, or cultural upbringing. Think about the vehicle industry in all its entirety- there are thousands of independent factors guiding people’s purchasing behaviour—age, economics, usage, environmental consideration, practicality, and more. Our agency works to understand our client right from the start, quickly identifying who their ideal/best demographic is, and then tailoring their content to that specific group. These factors are extremely important when deciding which direction to follow for social media, website building, and pay-per-click advertising.

Reading the Room

Another important consideration for marketing is reading the room and understanding how your target demographic feels about specific social and environmental issues. Being able to draw content from social movements or relevant topics that have gained popular opinion can help put you on the map and appear in more searches. It also shows your audience that you are aware, you are listening, and that you care about these topics. It creates a well-rounded business, which is so essential in today’s oversaturated online market. People want to feel a sense of allegiance and pride for the brands they support, and they want to know where their dollars are going, and how their money helps brands that resonate with their ethical and moral values.

Paying Homage to the Seasons

When generating content for our clients, it is always smart to nod to the current seasons, the upcoming holidays, and talk about what is on everyone’s mind. Holidays and extensive societal benchmarks are so important to recognise and talk about in marketing. Suppose you consider how many people search for holiday recipes, Christmas gifts, Easter decorations, etc. In that case, you can easily see the value in incorporating these holidays and social happenings into a full-bodied marketing campaign. Picture any store on October 1st- it is likely filled with spooky decorations, candy, and little nods to Halloween. This work is to essentially curate a feeling and elicit emotion when customers walk through the doors. It helps sell seasonal products and gets people in the mood to buy festive goods. It is no different with digital marketing. Not only do you show you are invested in the seasons, but you also end up ranking under these topics. The more diversified your marketing is, the more people you will reach.

By taking industry, competitors, seasons, and social topics into account, our agency can curate engaging, well-received content that elevates our client’s identity and online reputation. All these considerations take time, energy, and do not just happen overnight. For the best full-stack, comprehensive digital marketing, your best bet is to hire a great digital marketing and SEO agency. At microforce Complete Solution, we provide top-of-the-line SEO Services, website design, ad campaign management, social media creation and management, and more. Elevate your business, check us out online to book a free consultation with one of our representatives, and start owning your business today!

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